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Human Dopaminergic Neuronal Precursor Cells

Reference: P10164

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Data Sheet

Human Dopaminergic Neuronal Precursor Cells (HDNPC) from Innoprot have been isolated from human normal brain tissue. HDNPC have been cryopreserved as primary cultures and delivered frozen. HDNPC are guaranteed to further culture in the conditions provided in the technical sheet. Specifically for Human Dopaminergic neuronal cells, they are >70% TH positive and differentiate into neurons when plated on poly-l-lysine coated plates in specific growth factor containing medium.


The tissue of the central nervous system is made up of two classes of cells that may be broadly categorized as neurons and glia. Dopaminergic neurons of the midbrain are the main source of dopamine (DA) in the mammalian central nervous system. Their loss is associated with one of the most prominent human neurological disorders, Parkinson's disease (PD). Although their numbers are few, these dopaminergic neurons play an important role in the control of multiple brain functions including voluntary movement and a broad array of behavioral processes such as mood, reward, addiction, and stress.

Number of Cells

  • 1x106 cells / vial

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