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Mouse Hepatocytes

Reference: P10621

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Innoprot High Quality Mouse Hepatocytes have been isolated from mouse livers after liver perfusion and low-speed differential centrifugation. The hepatocytes are cryoperserved immediately after the experimental process and delivered frozen. Each vial contents 5 million cells in 1 ml volume of our special frozen media.


Primary culture of mouse hepatocyte appears to be a suitable experimental model for the study of liver specific function, have been and still is an important tool. Propagation of hepatocytes for cell transplantation, gene therapy, and culture of hepatocyte in bioartificial liver support systems is now under investigation. In appropriate culture condition, cultured mouse hepatocytes maintain differentiated hepatocyte function such as the synthesis of serum proteins & enzyme activity.


  • 2 x106 cells in Cryopreserved vials
  • T-25 Flask - Fresh Isolated Hepatocytes
  • 96 Well-Plates - Fresh Isolated Hepatocytes

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