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Mesenchymal Stem Cell Adipogenic Differentiation Medium

Reference: P60171

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Our adipogenesis differentiation medium has been specifically developed and optimized for in vitro mesenchymal stem cell adipogenesis study. Generally, with this medium, we obtain >35% mature adipocytes from human bone marrow, >50% from rat bone marrow, and >60% from human mesenchymal stem cell isolated from adipose tissue. Efficiency of adipogenic differentiation depends on the quanlity of the mesenchymal stem cells.

Mesenchymal stem cell Adipogenic Differentiation medium (MADM) is a sterile, liquid medium which contains essential and non-essential amino acids, vitamins, organic and inorganic compounds, hormones, growth factors, trace minerals. The medium is HEPES and bicarbonate buffered and has a pH of 7.4 when equilibrated in an incubator with an atmosphere of 5% CO2/95% air.

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