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FluoHiTSeeker FSHR Cell Line
FluoHiTSeeker LHCGR (Luteinizing Hormone - Choriogonadotropin Receptor)
HiTSeeker ADORA2A (Adenosine Receptor 2A)
HiTSeeker ADORA2B (Adenosine Receptor 2B)
HiTSeeker ADRA1A (Alpha-1A adrenergic Receptor)
HiTSeeker ADRA1B (Alpha-1B adrenergic Receptor)
HiTSeeker ADRB2 Cell Line (Adrenergic Receptor beta2)
HiTSeeker ADRB3 Cell Line (Adrenergic Receptor beta3)
HiTSeeker AVPR1A (Arginine Vasopressin receptor 1A)
HiTSeeker BDKRB1 (Bradykinin Receptor B1)
HiTSeeker BDKRB2 (Bradykinin Receptor B2)
HiTSeeker CALCR (Calcitonin Receptor)
HiTSeeker CCK1 (Cholecystokinin A receptor)
HiTSeeker CCK2 (Cholecystokinin B receptor)
HiTSeeker CHRM1 (Muscarinic Receptor 1)
HiTSeeker CHRM3 (Muscarinic Receptor M3)
HiTSeeker CHRM5 (Muscarinic Receptor 5)
HiTSeeker CNR1 (Cannabinoid Receptor 1)
HiTSeeker CNR2 (Cannabinoid Receptor 2)
HiTSeeker CRHR2 (Corticotropin Releasing Hormone Receptor 2)
HiTSeeker DRD1 Cell Line (Dopamine Receptor D1)
HiTSeeker DRD5 (Dopamine Receptor D5)
HiTSeeker EDNRA (Endothelin Receptor type A)
HiTSeeker EDNRB (Endothelin Receptor type B)
HiTSeeker FSHR (Follicle Stimulating Hormone Receptor)
HiTSeeker GRPR (Gastrin Releasing Peptide Receptor)
HiTSeeker HRH1 - (Histamine H1 Receptor)
HiTSeeker HTR2A (5-Hydroxytryptamine Receptor 2A)
HiTSeeker HTR2C (5-Hydroxytryptamine Receptor 2C)
HiTSeeker LHCGR (Luteinizing Hormone - Choriogonadotropin Receptor)
HiTSeeker LPA3 - (Lysophosphatidic Acid Receptor 3)
HiTSeeker MC4R (Melanocortin 4 Receptor)
HiTSeeker NTSR1 - (Neurotensin Receptor)
HiTSeeker PAC1 (Pituitary adenylate cyclase-activating polypeptide type I receptor)
HiTSeeker PTGER1 (Prostaglandin E Receptor 1 - subtype EP1)
HiTSeeker PTGER2 (Prostaglandin E Receptor 2 - subtype EP2)
HiTSeeker PTGER4 (Prostaglandin E Receptor 4)
HiTSeeker PTGFR (Prostaglandin F Receptor)
HiTSeeker TACR1 (Tachykinin receptor 1)
HiTSeeker TACR2 (Tachykinin receptor 2)
HiTSeeker TACR3 (Tachykinin receptor 3)
HiTSeeker TRH1 (Thyrotropin releasing hormone receptor)
HiTSeeker TSHR (Thyroid Stimulating Hormone Receptor)
HiTSeeker UTS2R (Urotensin 2 Receptor)
HiTSeeker VIPR1 (Vasoactive Intestinal Polypeptide Receptor 1)

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