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Knockdown cell lines

Innoprot Molecular Biology Custom Services can generate knockdown stable cell lines with the type of silencing you’re interested in (inducible vs. constitutive) using our functionally validated shRNA expression vectors. Gene silencing by RNA Interference (RNAi) is a powerful research tool for studying gene function in mammalian cells. RNAi is a biological phenomenon by which double stranded RNA (dsRNA) specifically reduces gene expression of its corresponding gene.

We can generate knockdown stable cells for a wide variety of genes including GPCRs, ion channels, proteases and kinases as well as various other enzymes, transmembrane proteins and adhesion molecules. Short interfering RNA (siRNA) is introduced and gene products are expressed in the target cells however the nucleic acids do not integrate into the host cell genome.

Innoprot cell line development process includes:


Time Required:


2-5 months to generate a new stable cell line, depending on the cell line and the RNAi of interest.

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