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Stable Cell Line Development

Innoprot offers stable cell line generation services for a wide variety of genes including GPCRs, ion channels, proteases and kinases as well as various other enzymes, transmembrane proteins and adhesion molecules.

Expression of these genes could be a stable expression or a stable inducible expression guaranteeing monoclonal cell lines using a single-cell printer from Cytena.
Furthermore, at Innoprot we have developed a family of fluorescent reporter genes to measure Ca++, cAMP, DAG, RAF/RAF interaction, b-arrestin recruitment, Col1A1, etc.. which will allow you to perform directly your experiments on living cells.

Innoprot Cell Line Development Process includes:

  • Gene Synthesis
  • Plasmid construction with the gene of interest
  • Mammalian cell transfection with antibiotic selection
  • Monoclonal Cells printing, screening and selection
  • RT-PCR, IF study and Flow Cytometry Analysis
  • Quantification of the number of receptors upon request
  • Proof of cell stability during passages
  • Selected clone expansion & Banking
  • Mycoplasma, bacteria & Fungi screening

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Parental Cell Lines

  • Adherent Cell Lines: HEK293, U2OS, CHO-K1, SH-SY5Y, SK-BR-3, HepG2,...
  • Suspension Cell Lines: Jurkat, U937
  • Immortalized primary cells: HBMEC, HCF, HM, HHSEC, HConEpiC,...

Time Required:

1-3 months to generate a new stable cell line, depending on the cell line & the gene of interest


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