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DNA Damage Assay

Data Sheet

The DNA could be damaged as result of a cell death pathway activation or could be induced by the genotoxic activity of a compound, a property possessed by some substances that makes them harmful to the genetic information contained in organisms. A substance that has the property of genotoxicity is known as a genotoxin. The study of the capacity of the compounds to act as a genotoxins has to be tested for  the new chemical entities, and the compounds used as new drugs are part of them.

In this DNA damage assay a inmunocytochemistry for phosphorylated H2AX is used to test the genotoxic potential of compounds. A member of the histone H2A family, H2AX, becomes extensively phosphorylated on serine-139 within 1-3 minutes of DNA Double-Strand Breaks (DSB) and forms foci at break sites.

Assay Details

To measure the genotoxic capacity of a compound an inmunocytochemical assay is used to analyse the H2AX protein phosphorylation level in order to evaluate the  amount of DNA Double-Strand Breaks. The tested compounds are incubated with the cells and the H2AX phosphorylation level is quantified performing an inmucytochemical assay.  The signal of the active H2AX is measured by fluorescence in an automated image platform (BD Pathway 855).

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