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CB1 Nomad Cell Line

Referencia: P70527

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Ficha del Producto

A novel CB1 Nomad cell line has been developed stably transfecting cAMP Nomad biosensor and Cannabinoid CB1 receptor termed CNR1 into HEK293 cell line.

Innoprot cAMP Nomad CB1 cell line has been designed to assay compounds or analyze their capability to modulate cannabionid CB1 receptor. When the agonist binds to CB1 a G protein is activated, which in turn, triggers a cellular response mediated by second messengers (cAMP).

Assay Details

In absence of cAMP, the fluorescent biosensor is localized in the cellular membrane. An increase in this second messenger concentration leads to change in the structural folding of Nomad Biosensor that promotes its cellular relocation in the vesicular trafficking of the cells. Activity is easily quantified on living cells by fluorescence intensity but also by image analysis of cytoplasmatic granularity changes.

This highly reproducible assay has been validated using CP55940 as a CB1 agonist in High Throughput Screening Platform. This cell line has been validated measuring cAMP concentration changes in the cytosol analyzing both fluorescence intensity and Nomad biosensor distribution within the cell, showing an average of Z´= 0.79 +/- 0.01.

Materials Provided

  • P70527: 2 vials of 3 million stably transfected HEK293 Cells expressing CB1 and cAMP-Nomad Biosensor

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