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Líneas Celulares GPCR

Innoprot has developed a proprietary drug discovery technology for multiplexing target-based screening assays using fluorescent biosensors. This technology called Nomad Biosensors allows the measurement in vitro of both G-protein & b-arrestin recruitment pathways.

The use of Nomad Biosensors in a screening campaign reduces the time, costs and resources needed in more than a 50-70%. It is the unique way to identify biased ligands in a single assay, which may reduce on-target adverse effects or engender novel pharmacology.

As the main family of pharmaceutical targets are GPCRs (30-40% of actual drugs in the market), our first application for Nomad biosensors are focused on these targets. There are two mechanisms involved in the activation/inhibition of GPCRs, second messenger-mediated and β-arrestin recruitment and Nomad biosensors allow measure both activation pathways in a single assay.

Learn more about NOMAD Biosensors.
If you are interested in a customized development using this new technology, please contact us at innoprot@innoprot.com.

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