Adenosine A2B Receptor Assay

ADORA2B gene encodes a protein which is one of receptor subtypes for adenosine, abundant in large intestine and bladder. A2B receptors plays an important role in mast cell activation, asthma, vasodilation, regulation of cell growth and intestinal function. Activation of the adenosine A2B receptor by an agonist causes binding of Gs protein. Binding of Gs causes an adenylate cyclase stimulation and, therefore, an increase in the cAMP concentration. Adenosine A2B Receptor Assay from Innoprot allows the measurement of ADORA2B receptor activation by cAMP concentration increase.

Adenosine A2B Receptor have multiple binding partners that modulate ADORA2B responses and functions; these include netrin-1, E3KARPP-EZRIN-PKA, SNARE, NF-B1/P105, and -actinin-1. Netrin-1, the neuronal guidance molecule, induced during hypoxia, reduces inflammation by activating ADORA2B, which inhibit neutrophils migration.

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Cell line used: HiTSeeker ADORA2B Cell Line

Readout: cAMP Flux

Agonist: NECA

EC50 Agonist: 1.16 x 10-6 M for cAMP Flux

Type of Assay: Cell-based / Functional

Detection Method: HTRF

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