NOMAD Adenosine A3 Receptor Cell Line

The adenosine A3 receptor (ADORA3) is one member of the adenosine receptor group of GPCRs with adenosine as endogenous ligand. Activation of the adenosine A3 receptor by an agonist causes binding of Gi1/2/3 or Go protein. Binding of Gi1/2/3 causes an inhibition of adenylate cyclase and, therefore, a decrease in the cAMP concentration. Adenosine A3 Receptor Assay from Innoprot allows the measurement of ADORA3 receptor activation by Go activation using Nomad biosensors.

Adenosine A3 Receptor mediates a cardioprotective function during cardiac ischemia, it plays roles in the inhibition of neutrophil degranulation in neutrophil-mediated tissue injury, and also in both neuroprotective and neurodegenerative effects; and it may also mediate both cell proliferation and cell death

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Cell line used: ADORA3 Nomad Cell Line

Readout: Gi/Go Activation

Agonist: IB-MECA

EC50 Agonist: 1.88 x 10-5 M for Gi/Go Activation

Type of Assay: Cell-based / Functional

Detection Method: Fluorimetry

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