D5 Dopamine Receptor Cell Line

D5 Dopamine Receptor Assay from Innoprot allows the measurement of DRD5 receptor activation by cAMP increase in cell cytosol. We assay test-compounds analyzing the G-Protein signalling pathway by Gs involving DRD5 receptor activation. When an agonist binds to DRD5, it activates the Gs protein which; in turn, triggers a cellular response mediated by cAMP via adenylate cyclase stimulation. This leads to an increase of fluorescence intensity of cAMP Nomad biosensor. So, the activity can be easily quantified on living cells in a dose-response manner by fluorescence emission in a microplate reader.

Cell line used: DRD5 Nomad Cell Line

Readout: cAMP Flux (Gs activation)

Agonist: Dopamine

EC50 Agonist: 1.66 x 10-6 M for cAMP Flux

Type of Assay: Cell-based / Functional

Detection Method: Fluorimetry

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