FPR2-ALX receptor internalization Assay

FPR2/ALX Formylpeptide Receptor Internalization Assay from Innoprot allows to assay compounds, or analyze their capability to modulate FPR2/ALX receptor activation and the following redistribution process inside the cells. When a ligand binds to the FPR2/ALX, it activates a G protein, which internalizes in big and high intensity vesicles. This assay has been validated measuring Fluorescent FPR2/ALX redistribution by increase of fluorescence surrounding the nuclei using image analysis algorithms. The high reproducibility of this assay allows monitoring FPR2/ALX Formylpeptide Receptor redistribution process in High Throughput Screening.

Cell line used: Green Fluorescent FPR2/ALX Formylpeptide Receptor Cell Line

Readout: Fluorescent Receptor Internalization

Agonist: WKYMVm

EC50 Agonist: 1.50 x 10-5 ug/ml for receptor internalization

Assay type: Cell-based

Detection Method: Fluorescent Redistribution

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