GLP-1 Receptor

The GLP-1 Glucagon Receptor; a.k.a. GLP1R; is a receptor protein which is present in beta cells of the pancreas and also on neurons of the brain. GLP-1 Glucagon Receptor Assay from Innoprot allows the measurement of GLP1R receptor activation using Nomad biosensors technology. GLP-1 Glucagon Receptor signaling occurs via adenylate cyclase stimulation through trimeric Gs proteins, increasing cAMP, and downstream L-type calcium channel interaction. cAMP-Nomad Biosensor measures the receptor activation by cAMP accumulation.

The high reproducibility of this assay allows monitoring GLP-1 Glucagon Receptor activation process in High Throughput Screening.

Cell line used: GLP1R Nomad Cell Line

Readout: cAMP Flux (Gs activation)

Agonist: GLP-1 or Exendin-4

EC50 Agonist: 4.54 x 10-9 M for cAMP Flux

Type of Assay: Cell-based / Functional

Detection Method: Fluorimetry

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