M4 Muscarinic Receptor Cell Line

M4 Muscarinic Acetylcholine Receptor Assay (CHRM4) from Innoprot measures CHRM4 receptor activation using Nomad Biosensors technology. CHRM4 signaling occurs via adenylate cyclase inhibition through trimeric Gi/o proteins, reducing cAMP via PKA activation.

In this assay, we measure the receptor activation/inhibition by PKA activation using Nomad Biosensors technology. The high reproducibility of this assay allows monitoring M4 Muscarinic Acetylcholine Receptor activation process in living cells.

Receptor Information: M4 Muscarinic Acetylcholine Receptor

Cell line used: CHRM4 Nomad Cell Line

Readout: cAMP Flux (Gi/o activation)

Agonist: Oxotremorine

EC50 Agonist: 4.72 x 10-8 M for Gi/Go Activation

Type of Assay: Cell-Based/Functional

Detection Method: Fluorimetry

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