NK2 Tachykinin Receptor Assay

NK2 Tachykinin Receptor Assay from Innoprot provides the analysis of both G-Protein signalling pathways involving GPCR activation; Calcium flux and cAMP flux using Nomad multiplex technology. The primary transduction mechanisms involve Gq/G11 and Gs family transducers, so we measure Ca2+ flux in combination with cAMP flux in this assay..

The tachykinin receptor NK2 (TACR2) also known as neurokinin 2 receptor (NK2R) is a GPCR. This gene encodes the receptor for the tachykinin neuropeptide substance K; also referred to as neurokinin A, although it has some affinity for other tachykinins. The protein is the product of the TACR2 gene. Several selective ligands for NK2 are now available, and although most of the compounds developed so far are peptides, one small-molecule antagonist Saredutant is currently in clinical trials as an anxiolytic and antidepressant.

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Cell line used: NK2R Nomad Cell Line

Readout: Calcium Flux & cAMP Flux

Agonist: Neurokinin A

EC50 Agonist: 2.38 x 10-9 M for Calcium Assay & 5.61 x 10-9 for cAMP flux

Type of Assay: Cell-based / Functional

Detection Method: Fluorimetry

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