Astrocytosis Assay

Our Astrocytosis assay enables the study of fibrosis-related parameters on TGF-β1 induced Human primary astrocytes. Astrocytosis assay from Innoprot  allows the evaluation of therapeutic compounds in this disease area by measuring several biomarkers; including Fibronectin, ASMA and also Collagen via high content analysis.

Astrocytosis is a common neurocellular manifestation of brain pathology in individuals with a variety of diseases. Expression of TGF-β1 occurs rapidly after CNS injury and activates transcription factors which increases fibronectin, collagen and also actin expression. Disease-modifying therapy that prevents or slows astrocytosis trans-differenciation is still lacking, therefore there is an urgent need to develop new therapies of neuroprotection against TGF-β1 astrocyte trans-differenciation.


Astrocytosis Assay

Cell line used: Human Astrocytes

Readout: Fibronectin, ASMA & collagen expression

Agonist: TGF-β

Type of assay: Cell-based

Fibrosis Induction: TGF-β

Reference inhibitor: SB525334

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