Cardiac Fibrosis Assay

Cardiac Fibrosis Assay from Innoprot enables monitoring TGF-β/Smad signaling activation on Human Cardiac Fibroblasts.

Immortalized primary Human Cardiac Fibroblasts stimulated with TGF-β1 demonstrate a clear concentration-dependent increase in Smad Binding Elements (SBE) expression; while increasing the TGF-β1 stimuli showes no effect of on the number of nuclei, indicative of no cytotoxic events. TGF-β trigger is inhibited by treatment with the ALK-5 inhibitor, SB525334, showing full inhibition of SBE expression regardless of the presence of TGF-β1.


Cardiac Fibrosis Assay

Cell line used: Immortalized primary Human Cardiac Fibroblasts

Readout: Smad activation

Agonist: TGF-β

Type of assay: Cell-based

Fibrosis Induction: TGF-β

Reference inhibitor: SB525334

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