Endothelial Cell Tube Formation Assay

Endothelial Cell Tube Formation Assay from Innoprot allows to analyze the effect of test-compounds to induce/inhibit new blood vessels formation. We determine the IC50 values of your compounds of interest in whole cell assays using different organ-specific endothelial cells; such as liver, renal, retinal, colonic, lung, pancreas or umbilical endothelial cells. We offer over 20 different primary endothelial cells for cell screening and tube formation assays.

In our Endothelial Cell Tube Formation Assay, we incubate the test-compounds with the cells during 24 hours and then we add a fluorescent dye. We finally measure fluorescent tubes in an automated fluorescent image platform (Cell Insight CX7 HCS Platform). In this assay, we finally compare the tubes length and complexity induced by test-compounds with the control samples.

Cell line used: Primary Endothelial Cells

Readout: Tube Formation

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