Ischemic Stroke in vitro Assay

Ischemic Stroke in vitro assay is based on the exposure of rat primary neurons under Oxygen-Glucose Deprivation conditions. Ischemia-like conditions are induced by replacing the normal O2/CO2 equilibrated medium with 94,7% N2 /5% CO2/0,3% O2 medium in a hypoxic chamber. We also use a culture medium without glucose to expose the cells to real OGD conditions.

After oxygen glucose deprivation, we perform several studies to analyze the different stages of the cell death process and the possible recovery of damaged neurons:

  • Caspase 3-7 Activation
  • LDH Release
  • Neurite Outgrowth Study
  • Cell Viability
  • Mitochondrial Damage
  • Oxidative Stress

Ischemic Stroke in vitro assay

Cell line used: Rat Primary Neurons

Readout: LDH Release, Caspase Activation, Cell Viability, Mitochondrial Damage, Oxidative Stress

Damage Induction: OGD Conditions

Positive Controls: Sotalol, MK801

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