Tumor Cell Adhesion Assay

Tumor Cell Adhesion Assay from Innoprot allows to analyze the effect of drugs that could affect the physiological interaction between tumor and stromal cells. Besides this assay is very useful to identify adhesion molecules involving in the process of interaction with stromal cells or extracellular matrix substrates. Therefore, an in vitro cell co-culture system for assaying the number of tumor cells adhered to stromal cells or extracellular matrix substrates have an important role in discovering new drugs for the treatment of cancer pathologies.

In our Tumor Cell Adhesion Assay, tumor cells are labelled with a fluorescent probe and added to stromal cells monolayer or to extracellular matrix substrates immobilized plate. Depending on tumor cell type or ECM substrate; cell are maintained an specific time and wells are then washed three times with fresh medium. We finally determine the number of adhering cells using a quantitative method based on a fluorescence measurement system.

Cell line used: Tumor Cell Line

Readout: Percent adhered cell number/total

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