Tumor Cell Proliferation Assay

Tumor Cell Proliferation Assay from Innoprot includes allows to analyze the effect of test-compounds to increase/decrease cell proliferation. We determine the IC50 values of your compounds of interest in whole cell assays using different techniques; such as MTT, LDH release, CellTiter or nuclei quantification. We offer over 60 different tumor cell lines for cell screening and proliferation assays.

The cancer is an uncontrolled cell proliferation and in diseases such as Alzheimer’s or different inflammation processes; we can appreciate the proliferation of cell types that provoke a tissue remodelling and organ failure.  For this reason it is important to evaluate the compounds capability to produce certain cell type proliferation in order to study their tumorogenic and inflammatory potential.

Cell line used: Tumor Cell Line

Readout: MTT/ CellTiter-Glo/ Nuclei quantification, LDH release,...

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