Human Annulus Fibrosus Cells

Reference: P10974

Human Annulus Fibrosus Cells

Human Annulus Fibrosus Cells (HAFC) provided by Innoprot are isolated from human healthy intervertebral disc. HAFC are cryopreserved at passage one and delivered frozen. Each vial of Human Annulus Fibrosus Cells contains more than 500.000 viable cells. They are guaranteed to further expand for 15 population doublings following the instructions provided in the technical sheet.

Innoprot also offers optimized medium and reagents for the growth of Human Annulus Fibrosus Cells which are quality tested together and guaranteed to give maximum performance as a global solution for in vitro HAFC culture.


Size/Quantity: 500.000 Cells / vial


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Degeneration of the intervertebral disk is a major pathological process related with low back pain. The causes of low back pain include genetics, environmental factors, and psychosocial factors. The anulus fibrosus makes up the peripheral portion of the disk structure, and comprises both fibrocartilage and type I and II collagen. Both, biophysical and mechanical factors in their local environment influence cells of the intervertebral disc. Interleukin 1 beta can induce anulus fibrosus cells to produce factors implicated in local degradative and inflammatory processes. Although mechanical stress is an important modulator of degeneration, the underlying molecular mechanism remains unclear. Human annulus fibrosus cells provide an in vitro model for the study of cellular and molecular events involved in disc degeneration, tissue engineering and cell therapy for spinal disc disorders. They are are also useful tools to stablish in vitro disease models for High Throughput and High Content Screening.





  • Reference: P10974
  • Size/Quantity: 5x105 cells / vial
  • Product Use: For research use only
  • Shipping Conditions: Dry Ice