HiTSeeker VPAC1 Receptor Cell Line

Reference: P30112

HiTSeeker VPAC1 Receptor Cell Line

HiTSeeker are cell lines stably expressing label-free GPCRs, also known as seven-(pass)-transmembrane domain receptors. Each vial of HiTSeeker VPAC1 Receptor Cell Line contains HEK293 cells stably expressing vasoactive intestinal peptide receptor 1 with no tag. HiTSeeker Cell lines proliferate in vitro maintaining GPCR expression following the cell culture manual.

Innoprot HiTSeeker VPAC1 Receptor Cell Line allows to assay compounds, or analyze their capability to modulate VPAC1R. When a ligand binds to the VIPR1, it activates a G protein, which in turn, triggers a cellular response mediated by cAMP. HiTSeeker VPAC1 Receptor Cell Line has been validated measuring cAMP concentration changes in the cytosol upon activation with PACAP-38. The high reproducibility of this assay allows monitoring VPAC1 Receptor activation process in High Throughput Screening.


Size/Quantity: 2 vials containing 3×106 cells / vial


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Vasoactive intestinal polypeptide receptor 1, aka VPAC1, encodes a receptor for vasoactive intestinal peptide, a small neuropeptide. VPAC1 is present in several tissues; such as brain, lung, prostate, peripheral blood leukocytes, liver, small intestine, heart, spleen, placenta, kidney, thymus and testis. VIP plays an imporatnt role in smooth muscle relaxation, exocrine and endocrine secretion, and water and ion flux in lung and intestinal epithelia. VIP acts in an autocrine fashion via VPAC1 to inhibit megakaryocyte proliferation and induce proplatelet formation. Patients with idiopathic achalasia show a significant difference in the distribution of SNPs affecting VPAC1. HiTSeeker VPAC1 Receptor Cell Line from Innoprot allows the measurement of the activity and potency of ligands; such as PACAP-38.

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  • Reference: P30112
  • Size/Quantity: 2 vials containing 3x106 cells / vial
  • Product Use: For research use only
  • Shipping Conditions: Dry Ice

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