MPXNOMAD α1A-adrenoceptor Cell Line

Reference: P70740

MPXNOMAD α1A-adrenoceptor Cell Line

MPXNOMAD Cells are cell lines stably co-expressing tag-free GPCRs and two Nomad Biosensors to monitor G-protein and β-arrestin modulation. Each vial of MPXNOMAD α1A-adrenoceptor Cell Line contains HEK293 cells stably expressing the following constructs:

  • human α1A-adrenoceptor with no tag
  • Calcium Nomad Biosensor (Green Fluorescence)
  • β-arrestin Nomad Biosensor (Red Fluorescence)

MPXNOMAD α1A-adrenoceptor Cell Line allows to assay compounds analyzing both signalling pathways involving receptor activation; G protein by Calcium flux and β-arrestin recruitment, hence allowing biased activity studies. When an agonist binds to ADRA1A a G protein is activated which, in turn, triggers a cellular response mediated by calcium and a subsequent internalization mediated by ß-Arrestin. This leads to an increase of fluorescence intensity of both β-Arrestin and Ca2+ biosensors. So, the activity can be easily quantified on living cells in a dose-response manner by fluorescence emission in a microplate reader.


Size/Quantity: 2 vials containing 3×106 cells / vial


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The alpha-1A adrenergic receptor (α1A adrenoreceptor), also known as ADRA1A, is member of Alpha-1-adrenergic receptors (alpha-1-ARs) family. This gene encodes the alpha-1A-adrenergic receptor. Alternative splicing of this gene generates four transcript variants; which encode four different isoforms with distinct C-termini but having similar ligand binding properties. They activate mitogenic responses and regulate growth and proliferation of many cells. Gq/G11 family transducers mediates the primary transduction mechanism of this receptor, so calcium flux measurement allows to monitor receptor activation. MPXNOMAD α1A-adrenoceptor Cell Line from Innoprot allows the measurement of the activity and potency of ligands, such as epinephrine.

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  • Reference: P70740
  • Nomad Biosensors: β-arrestin & Ca++
  • Receptor DNA Accession Number: AY_389505
  • Size/Quantity: 2 vials containing 3x106 cells / vial
  • Product Use: For research use only
  • Shipping Conditions: Dry Ice