SARS-CoV Spike Glycoprotein Cell Line

Reference: P30907

SARS-CoV Spike Glycoprotein Cell Line

SARS-CoV Spike Glycoprotein Cell Line from Innoprot has been developed stably transfecting HEK293T cell line with a SARS-CoV Spike Glycoprotein expression plasmid. This cell line provides consistent levels of expression of human SARS-CoV Spike Glycoprotein in cells surface. Each vial of cells contains more than 3 million viable cells stably expressing SARS-CoV Spike Glycoprotein with hygromycin resistance gene.

SARS-CoV Spike Glycoprotein Cell line is ready to use in cell-based assay applications. This stably transfected clonal cell line provides consistent levels of expression, which helps simplify the interpretation of results. SARS-CoV Spike Glycoprotein HEK293T Cell line also allow to stablish in vitro models for High Throughput and High Content Screening.


SARS-CoV Spike Glycoprotein Cell Line from Innoprot stable expresses SARS-CoV Spike Glycoprotein. Coronaviruses (CoVs) infect human and animals and cause varieties of diseases, such as respiratory, enteric, renal, and neurological diseases. An outbreak of atypical pneumonia, termed severe acute respiratory syndrome (SARS), appeared in China in November, 2002. The mortality rates of the disease reached as high as 15% in some age groups.

SARS-CoV uses its spike glycoprotein (S), a main target for neutralization antibody, to bind its receptor, and mediate membrane fusion and virus entry. It uses hACE2 to enter cells, correlating with the efficient spread of SARS-CoV among humans. S comprises two functional subunits responsible for binding to the host cell receptor (S1 subunit) and also fusion of the viral and cellular membranes (S2 subunit). SARS-CoV Spike Glycoprotein Cell Line cell line allows the study of SARS-CoV spike/ACE2 interaction in cell-based assays.

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  • Reference: P30907
  • Size/Quantity: 3x106 cells / vial
  • Resistance Gene: Hygromycin
  • Product Use: For research use only
  • Shipping Conditions: Dry Ice