Innoprot offers different GPCR cell lines stably expressing GPCRs to monitor their activation through different pathways:

  • HiTSeeker Cell Lines express GPCR with no tag
  • Internalization Cell Lines express GPCR tagged to tGFP to monitor internalization assays.
  • Nomad Cell Lines co-express GPCR with no tag and Nomad Biosensors to monitor simultaneously the different GPCR signalling pathways (β-arrestin recruitment, Ca2+, cAMP or also DAG).

Innoprot Cell Lines has been validated for HTS and compound profiling using different technologies; such as Nomad, HTRF, FURA-2 or internalization. Innoprot Nomad Cell lines also comprises cell lines for multiplexis GPCR assays; analyzing in the same assay β-arrestin & second messengers.

The use of Nomad Biosensors in a HTS campaign reduces the time, costs and resources necessary in more than a 50-70%. It is the unique way to identify biased ligands in a single assay; which may reduce on-target adverse effects or engender novel pharmacology.