Innoprot offers different cell lines stably expressing GPCRs to monitor their activation through different pathways:

  • HiTSeeker Cell Lines express GPCR with no tag
  • Internalization Cell Lines express GPCR tagged to tGFP to monitor internalization assays.
  • Nomad Cell Lines co-express GPCR with no tag and Nomad Biosensors to monitor simultaneously the different GPCR signalling pathways (β-arrestin recruitment, Ca2+, cAMP or also DAG).

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M4 Muscarinic Receptor Cell Line

PKANOMAD Muscarinic Acetylcholine Receptor M4 Cell Line


PKANOMAD Cells are cell lines stably co-expressing tag-free GPCRs and PKA Nomad Biosensor to monitor G-protein modulation by PKA activation. Each vial of PKANOMAD Muscarinic M4 Receptor Cell Line contains U2OS cells stably expressing the following constructs:

  • human Muscarinic M4 Receptor (M4R) with no tag
  • PKA Nomad Biosensor (Red Fluorescence)

PKANOMAD Muscarinic M4 Receptor Cell Line allows to assay compounds analyzing the G-Protein signalling pathway by Gi/Go involving receptor activation. When an agonist binds to M4 Receptor, the Gi/Go protein is activated which, in turn, triggers a cellular response mediated by cAMP via PKA activation. This leads to an increase of red fluorescence intensity of PKA biosensor. So, the activity can be easily quantified on living cells in a dose-response manner by fluorescence emission in a microplate reader.

Size/Quantity: 2 vials containing 3×106 cells / vial