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tau phosphorylation assay cell linetau phosphorylation assay cell line

tau Phosphorylation Assay Cell Line


tau Phosphorilation Assay Cell Line is an Alzheimer’s Disease in vitro model to identify tau kinase and phosphatase inhibitors and modulators. It consists in U2OS cell line stably expressing human triple mutant Tau-tGFP. To perform the assay, cells are incubated with test compounds during 2 hours to evaluate their effects on Tau phosphorylation and binding to microtubules. After incubation, nucleus could be stained with DAPI and cells Tau and MT bundles are detected by fluorescence using image analysis algorithms.

Innoprot offers this assay as a “stable cell line” in cryopreserved vials. Each vial of U2OS cell line stably expressing human triple mutant Tau-tGFP contains 3 million cells and Innoprot provides 2 vials of cells with each order. It is guaranteed that these cells will expand in more than 30 passages following the cell culture manual.