Fluorescent Mitochondria U2OS Cell Line

Reference: P30805

Fluorescent Mitochondria U2OS Cell Line

Fluorescent Mitochondria U2OS Cell Line has been developed transfecting an expression vector that encodes turbo green fluorescent protein (tGFP) fused to mitochondrial targeting sequence (MTS) derived from the subunit VIII of human cytochrome C oxidase. MTS is fused to the tGFP N-terminus and stably transfected into U2OS Cell Line. This cell line allows monitoring morphological changes in cells during mitochondrial damage.

Each vial of Fluorescent Mitochondria U2OS Cell Line contains 3 million cells. It is guaranteed that these cells will expand following the cell culture manual.


Size/Quantity: 1 vial containing 3×106 cells / vial


Mitochondria are central to how our cells work and contribute in all sorts of ways to our well-being. The mitochondria plays an important role in processes related to cellular damage and death like oxidative stress and apoptosis. Damage or disruption to mitochondria underlies many human pathologies and diseases, including chronic disorders such as obesity and diabetes and degenerative conditions such as Parkison’s and Alzheimer’s diseases. Fluorescent Mitochondria U2OS Cell Line allows to monitor mitochondrial morphology and damage in living cells.

Oxidative stress is the consequence of a disparity between the production of reactive oxygen species and the capacity of the system to detoxify the reactive intermediates or to repair the resulting damage. This can cause toxic effects leading into the production of peroxides and free radicals (ROS) that damage the cell.

Apoptosis is the process of programmed cell death (PCD). It is a controlled process in which the cells die but they conserve the molecular components (aminoacids, nucleotides, etc.).

A better understanding of how mitochondria work and why they stop working well in disease is vital so we can develop new treatments for many diseases.

  • Reference: P30805
  • Size/Quantity: 1 vial containing 3x106 cells / vial
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