Human Prostate Epithelial Cells

Reference: P10953

Human Prostate Epithelial Cells

Human Prostate Epithelial Cells (HPrEpiC) provided by Innoprot are isolated from human healthy prostate tissue. HPrEpiC are cryopreserved at passage one and delivered frozen. Each vial of Human Prostate  Epithelial Cells contains more than 500.000 viable cells. HPrEpiC are guaranteed to further expand for 15 population doublings following the instructions provided in the technical sheet.

Innoprot also offers optimized medium and reagents for the growth of Human Prostate Epithelial Cells which are quality tested together and guaranteed to give maximum performance as a global solution for in vitro HPrEpiC culture.


Size/Quantity: 500.000 Cells / vial


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The prostate is a major accessory organ of the male mammalian reproductive system, with structural and functional activities under the control of androgens. The prostate comprises three compartments, differentiated by the cytokeratin expression profile. The basal cells express predominantly high molecular weight cytokeratins (CK5 and CK14); the luminal secretory cells express predominantly low molecular weight cytokeratins (CK8 and CK18); and finally the intermediate cells express a combination of basal and luminal cytokeratins. Additionally, there is increasing evidence that basal epithelial cells differentiate into luminal epithelial cells. Prostate cancer is one of the most common cancers affecting men and it has a high morbidity and mortality rate. Human Prostate Epithelial Cells provide unique opportunities to study many important features of the prostate, as well as, chemical and hormonal carcinogenesis.



  • Reference: P10953
  • Size/Quantity: 5x105 cells / vial
  • Product Use: For research use only
  • Shipping Conditions: Dry Ice