Human Intrahepatic Biliary Epithelial Cells

Reference: P10654

Human Intrahepatic Biliary Epithelial Cells

Human Intrahepatic Biliary Epithelial Cells (HIBEpiC) provided by Innoprot are isolated from human healthy liver tissue. HIBEpiC are cryopreserved at passage one and delivered frozen. Each vial of Human Intrahepatic Biliary Epithelial Cells contains more than 500.000 viable cells. They are guaranteed to further expand for 10 population doublings following the instructions provided in the technical sheet.

Innoprot also offers optimized medium and reagents for the growth of Human Intrahepatic Biliary Epithelial Cells which are quality tested together and guaranteed to give maximum performance as a global solution for in vitro HIBEpiC culture.


Size/Quantity: 500.000 Cells / vial


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Human Intrahepatic biliary epithelial cells (HIBEpiC) line the intrahepatic biliary tree; a complex three-dimensional network of tubular conduits of varying diameters within the liver. They comprise only 3 – 5% of the total population of liver cells, yet produce as much as 40% of the daily output of bile. HIBEpiC play an important role in maintaining, modifying and augmenting the composition of canalicular bile by a coordinated series of hormone-regulated secretory and absorptive processes. HIBEpiC also have an active immunologic role in both the innate and adaptive immune responses. They secrete chemokines and cytokines and serve to localize the immune response by expressing critical cell adhesion molecules. Under basal conditions, IBEpiC are mitotically dormant, however, IBEpiC proliferate markedly in response to injury. Cultured Human IBEpiC (HIBEpiC) are a useful in vitro model for studying biliary cirrhosis and liver disease.

  • Reference: P10654
  • Size/Quantity: 5x105 cells / vial
  • Product Use: For research use only
  • Shipping Conditions: Dry Ice