Hepatocyte Medium

Reference: P60109

Hepatocyte Medium

Hepatocyte Medium Kit is a complete medium designed for optimal growth of normal primary hepatocytes in vitro. Each Hepatocyte Medium Kit consists of the next components:

  • 500 ml of Hepatocyte basal medium
  • 25 ml of fetal bovine serum
  • 5 ml of Hepatocyte Growth supplement
  • 5 ml of penicillin/streptomycin solution.


Hepatocyte Medium (HM) is a complete medium designed for optimal growth of normal human hepatocytes in vitro. It is a sterile, liquid medium which contains essential and non-essential amino acids, vitamins, organic and inorganic compounds, hormones, growth factors, trace minerals and a low concentration of fetal bovine serum (5%). The medium is bicarbonate buffered and has a pH of 7.4 when equilibrated in an incubator with an atmosphere of 5% CO2/95% air. The medium is formulated (quantitatively and qualitatively) to provide a defined and optimally balanced nutritional environment that selectively promotes growth of normal human and animal hepatocytes in vitro.

  • Reference: P60109
  • Size/Quantity: 500 ml
  • Storage: Store the basal medium at 4°C, the HGS, the FBS and the P/S solution at -20°C. Protect from light.
  • Shipping: Dry Ice