Human Non-Pigmented Ciliary Epithelial Cells

Reference: P10877

Human Non-Pigmented Ciliary Epithelial Cells

Human Non-Pigmented Ciliary Epithelial Cells (HNPCEpiC) provided by Innoprot are isolated from human iris. HNPCEpiC are cryopreserved at passage one and delivered frozen. Each vial of Human Non-Pigmented Ciliary Epithelial Cells contains more than 500.000 viable cells. HNPCEpiC are guaranteed to further expand for 10 population doublings following the instructions provided in the technical sheet.

Innoprot also offers optimized medium and reagents for the growth of Human Non-Pigmented Ciliary Epithelial Cells which are quality tested together and guaranteed to give maximum performance as a global solution for in vitro HNPCEpiC culture.


Size/Quantity: 500.000 Cells / vial


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The ciliary epithelium rests upon the leaf-like projections of the ciliary processes in the posterior chamber, overlaying the core of stroma and also blood vessels. It consists of two layers of columnar cells, which appear structurally and functionally distinct. The outer layer of epithelium is pgmented, but the inner layer, which resides next to the aqueous, is not. In mammalian eyes, the non-pigmented ciliary epithelial cells (NPCEpiC) are largely responsible for the aqueous humor inflow. NPCEpiC generate an osmotic gradient through solute transfer, resulting in water movement from the stroma into the posterior chamber. Other studies have implicated NPCEpiC in the synthesis of macro-molecules required for photo-transduction and the development of rare adenomas in the ciliary body. Human Non-Pigmented Ciliary Epithelial Cells allow to perform in vitro assays in ocular disease research. They are also very useful cells to stablish disease models for High Throughput and Hight Content Screening.

  • Reference: P10877
  • Size/Quantity: 5x105 cells / vial
  • Product Use: For research use only
  • Shipping Conditions: Dry Ice