Immortalized Human Conjunctival Epithelial Cell Line

Reference: P10870-IM

Immortalized Human Conjunctival Epithelial Cell Line

Immortalized Human Conjunctival Epithelial Cell Line (IM-HConEpiC) provided by Innoprot have been developed by immortalizing primary human cojunctival epithelial cells with SV40 Large T antigen.

Immortalized cells were controlled passaging side by side with the primary cells. Primary cells go into senescence after the 3th passage while the SV40‐tranduced cells go beyond 30 passages.

Each vial of IM-HConEpiC contains more than 1 million viable cells. Innoprot also offers optimized medium and reagents for the growth of IM-HConEpC which are quality tested together and guaranteed to give maximum performance as a global solution for in vitro IM-HConEpiC culture.


Size/Quantity: 1 million cells / vial


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Human conjunctiva is a translucent membrane that lines the inner surface of the eyelids and covers the sclera. Its coverage comprises two layers of stratified, non-keratinized conjunctival epithelial cells (ConEpiC). Human Conjunctival Epithelial Cell Line is different than the corneal epithelium by a specific expression profile of keratins. ConEpiC coverage comprises mucin-rich glycocalyx, which has differente functions; such as promotion of tear adherence, prevention of pathogen penetrance, and provision of lubrication. Decrease or loss of mucin/glycocalyx production generates squamous metaplasia, which may lead to dry eye and ocular surface diseases. ConEpiC also respond to histamine by stimulating phosphatidylinositol turnover and secreting cytokines, and as a result may be a good target when developing topical ocular drugs to treat allergic conjunctivitis. Immortalized Human Conjunctival Epithelial Cell Line also allow to stablish in vitro models for HIgh Throughput and High Content Screening.

  • Reference: P10870-IM
  • Size/Quantity: 1x106 cells / vial
  • Product Use: For research use only
  • Shipping Conditions: Dry Ice