Neurite Outgrowth Assay

Neurite outgrowth is a key process during neurogenesis. During development, neurons extend numerous processes that differentiate into dendrites and axons. These processes, also termed neurites, are critical for communication between neurons. The initiation of neurite protrusion and subsequent elongation involves complex intracellular signaling. Neurites are particularly interesting in relation to neuropathological disorders, neuronal injury/regeneration, and neuropharmacologic research and screening.

Neurite outgrowth assay from Innoprot analyzes different patterns dying the specific microtubules (Tuj-1) of neurons. During thi Neurite Outgrowth assay, we incubate neuronal cultures with test compounds and then perform an immunochemical assay, dying the neuron microtubules with fluorescent antibody antiTuj-1. Images are acquired with the Cell Insight CX7 and we finally count the length and number of neurites.We analyze images automatically using the AttoVision software and comparing the results with sample controls. If the compounds shows the capacity to retract the neurite outgrowth, it would be a neurotoxic indicator. On the other hand, if the compounds shows the capacity ot produce or elongate these protrusions, it would be a neurogenesis indicator.


Neurite Outgrowth Parameters:

  • Neurites quantification
  • Number of Neurite Nodes
  • Neuronal Bodies quantification
  • Neurite length (maximum & average length)


Neurite Outgrowth Assay


Cell line used: Rat primary Neurons, Dorsal Root Ganglion Neurons, SH-SY5Y Cell Line, NG108-15 Cell Line

Readout: Neurite Outgrowth

Type of Assay: Cell-based Assay

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